Helping companies thrive with expert HR support

Happy H.R. is a professional Human Resource consulting firm that helps businesses and educational institutions in NYC optimize employee performance, streamline processes and boost the bottom line, by providing a modern, integrated Human Resources solution.

Through expert HR advisory, technology and management support, we take a strategic, yet personal approach towards employee relations, HR compliance, as well as employee benefits and administration to help companies thrive by improving the overall wellness of an organization.

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Employee Relations

Advising, intervention and coaching:

  • Assist management in navigating employee issues, discipline, termination or other sensitive employment-related concerns.
  • Assist clients in compliance with applicable employment laws and regulations as it relates to hiring and termination.
  • Provide HR advice and coaching, via phone, emails and video conferencing.
  • Impart recommendations and guidance for proper documentation for discipline.
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HR Compliance

Guides, templates and reinforcement:

  • Develop HR guides and templates for compliancy and company standards.
  • Provide employee classification categories and policies for employment status and benefits eligibility.
  • Guidance for complying with U.S. wage and hour laws, as well as wage payment laws by addressing the scope of and compliance requirements under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, FLSA.
  • Define the compliance standards for the Family and Medical Leave Act, FMLA, under federal law as it pertains to the employer status and employee classification.
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Employee Benefits

Administration, advocacy and support:

  • Recommend and manage benefits administration for Medical, Dental, Vision, Life and Disability
  • Establish new plans and/or administration of existing plans including Flexible Spending Account, FSA, Heath Reimbursement Account, HRA, and Health Savings Account, HSA.
  • Manage the requirements and administration of COBRA, such as eligibility, enrollment, duration, the collection of premiums and payment terms.
  • Manage employee communications with onboarding materials regarding benefits, along with coordination of annual open enrollment.
  • Provide additional services of call center support and claims advocacy, as well as 1-800 number for employees’ questions, concerns and help with insurance claim disputes.

What we can do for you


Improve efficiencies by modernizing process tracking, task management and employee communications.


Save money by implementing new strategies and tactics to increase employee productivity and retention, while reducing staff time.


Elevate talent pool by providing advisory and coaching services to improve employee performance, development and morale.


Minimize risk by identifying liability and litigation probabilities, update HR compliancy as well as hiring and termination guidelines.


Minimize risk by identifying liability and litigation probabilities, update HR compliancy as well as hiring and termination guidelines.

What our clients say

“We were unexpectedly in a precarious situation and Happy HR provided step by step guidance to our internal HR team to be accountable and measured to our employees.  Clearly industry experts with unyielding resources to help get the job done NOW.  I would definitely recommend Happy HR especially to any organization affiliated in the K-12 marketplace.”

Derek D., Director of Operations

“Narobi is 100% straight forward, professional and direct in her approach. If you are looking for a strategic partner to help you through a planning process, assess a situation or advice on the direction to take with various scenarios, I strongly recommend connecting with Narobi, as she continues to be a strong force in the human resources community.”

Abena A., Analyst

“Happy H. R. LLC created our company’s HR infrastructure. Narobi was very professional. She listened to our needs, concerns and executed as necessary while always maintaining communication. The results she provided were efficient and user friendly.”

Yadira M., CEO & Founder

Narobi is very hands-on! Her weekly check-ins are helpful and she is very easy to work with and always accessible. Happy HR is exactly that! I’m grateful to work with Narobi and her company!”

Aminah B., Administrative Assistant to the CFO

We rely on Happy HR for human resource policy expertise as well as the coordination of our various benefit options. The depth and breadth of expertise provided by the principal, Narobi Melendez, was a critical part of our decision making process. The compassionate professionalism is another positive for the team at Happy HR! I can’t say that I am surprised but I am extremely pleased that my expectation of real time responses to inquiries has absolutely exceeded my expectations. This has been an incredibly difficult and time consuming transition. I knew I did not want to tackle this without the support of Happy HR; it was and remains a great decision for our organization!

Lisa-Renee B., Chief Financial Officer