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Author: Narobi Melendez

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An HR Consultant is an excellent alternative for businesses operating on a tight budget and trying to save money.

For various reasons, companies are adopting outsourcing as the new way of running business operations. One of the reasons why a business, irrespective of its size, can benefit from hiring an HR consultant is saving time and money.

Outsourcing HR duties also provides numerous other benefits to businesses, big or small. From reducing the time taken to train new employees to reducing the operational expenses of a firm, hiring an HR consultant from outside the business increases the HR department’s efficiency by delegating HR duties to experienced and qualified personnel. In turn, HR outsourcing frees up more time for the business owner to focus on other crucial business areas.

In general, hiring a Human Resources consultant is an excellent alternative for businesses operating on a tight budget and trying to save money.

Below are five ways through which hiring an HR consultant can help save your company money.

Cutting Salary Expenditure

By acquiring the services of an HR agency, a company reduces its salary costs. The average HR manager receives a salary of about $80,000 annually, plus benefits. Outsourcing HR functions to a professional Human Resource consulting firm drastically reduces the salary expenses

In addition to a reduced wage bill, a company outsourcing its HR is guaranteed to have educated and well-trained professionals on the latest industry standards, financial and legal policies. By outsourcing its HR duties, a business further cuts its operational costs by eliminating the training and salary costs associated with having a full-time in-house HR team. The reduced cost for benefits gives a company the flexibility to get better rates for its clients.

Consolidate Human Resources Functions

The HR department’s work is to create a supportive company culture that ensures the workforce’s diversification. In a complicated hiring landscape, companies need to have a conducive environment to build an all-inclusive workforce.

When a company lacks efficient employee relations, it leads to a high rate of employee turnover. A high rate of employee turnover costs a company huge sums of money. By hiring an expert HR advisor, a business can significantly reduce these costs as there will be no paychecks. A professional Human Resource consulting firm helps streamline all the HR functions of a business, such as recruiting, hiring, training, etc. Having all the functions of HR combined under one provider, a company saves money.

Reduce HR Costs

By hiring an HR consultant, a business gives an HR firm all its HR functions like time, attendance management, staff education on payroll, benefits, etc.  By hiring a professional HR agency for these services, a business eliminates the costs for HR software required for time and payroll management during the hiring of new employees. By outsourcing, businesses do not have to cover the expensive software maintenance fees. The money saved can then be directed to other vital areas of business operations.

A company can save time and money through an HR consultant’s services by eliminating the time and resources spent on HR paperwork, training and management. Instead, an entrepreneur gets the chance to focus on growing their businesses. The amount of money that a business saves by outsourcing its HR functions depends on three things: the company’s needs, the HR agency you outsource to, and the processes you choose to outsource.

Improve Productivity

When a business efficiently produces more, it increases its sales earnings. The HR department is tasked with three factors that help the company to make quantifiable productivity improvements.

  • Training: Training helps boost productivity. By studying productivity before and after a training session, ROI can determine the productivity improvement achieved.
  • Compensation: Compensation, including benefits, is another method that shows productivity improvement. Through pay raises, benefits, and raises, a company can ensure a better work-life balance for the employee and achieve improved productivity.
  • Employee relations: To improve productivity, a HR team corrects all the identified unproductive behaviors such as lateness and encourages positive and productive behavior.

Comply With Employment Laws and Regulations

The workplace laws and regulations are ever-changing and can be challenging. By hiring an experienced HR consultant, businesses save money by eliminating the risk of penalties from noncompliance to employment laws. These laws exist at federal, state, and local levels and dictate the employer/employee relationship laws in a company.

Any business without an efficient HR department faces numerous business risks and also misses out on many opportunities.  Having an efficiently working department working with an HR consultant will save the business money by reducing employee turnover and reducing the number of potential lawsuits. Also, a good HR consultant will increase employee satisfaction levels, which directly leads to improved productivity.

About Happy H.R.

Narobi Melendez is CEO and HR Consultant at Happy H.R., which is a professional Human Resource consulting firm that helps businesses and educational institutions in NYC optimize employee performance, streamline processes and boost the bottom line, by providing a modern, integrated Human Resources solution.  Through expert HR advisory, technology and management support, Happy H.R. takes a strategic, yet personal approach towards employee relations, HR compliance, as well as employee benefits and administration to help companies thrive by improving the overall wellness of an organization.

Author: Narobi Melendez

Narobi Melendez Headshot

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