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Author: Narobi Melendez

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The important advantage a company can get from HR outsourcing is a positive effect on its bottom line.

Outsourcing to a Human Resource consultant has many benefits to a business. The important advantage a company can get from a HR consultant is a positive effect on its bottom line. A professional HR consultant can be hired on either a contract or hourly basis.  Based on the hired consultant’s expertise, either type of hiring basis will stand to benefit the business.

Large organizations will mostly have full-time HR positions. However, due to staffing problems or tight operational budgets, smaller businesses may be forced to acquire the services of professional Human Resource consulting firms. Hiring a HR consultant is cost-effective and will benefit employee relations.

Here we look at the four benfits to HR outsourcing in 2021.

  1.  Providing a Different Perspective

By hiring a Human Resource consultant from outside the firm, a business benefits from a fresh and different perspective on handling staffing policies and decisions. A HR consultant can add the crucial second by offering a measure of how the company’s policies compare to the best industry practices.

Often, entrepreneurs put so much emphasis on the company’s growth that they neglect vital HR aspects or end up creating counterproductive HR policies. A HR consultant brings about a fresh perspective and is better placed to identify existing HR weaknesses, such as poor hiring or retention policies. A HR consultant can play a crucial role in developing cohesive human resource strategies that improve hiring, staffing, and related company policies.

2.  Creating Internal Strategies and Policies

A company benefits from the services of an outside human resources consultant who can help develop progressive HR policies. Having employee-friendly policies increases the rate of employee retention. In addition, good HR policies reduce the company’s chances of legal liability. Employees are unlikely to pursue legal action against a business that has enacted favorable HR policies and strategies.

It is the HR department’s responsibility to hire and train competent personnel to meet the standards for the business. The human resources department also creates strategies that seek to address the pressing staffing needs. HR is tasked with creating policies to address workplace issues ranging from employee leave to sexual harassment and promotions.

3.  Handling Legal Issues

It is the duty of the HR consultant to handle employee relation matters. These matters include the investigation of formal and informal unfair employment complaints filed against the company by employees. For example, when an ex-employee sues the company for wrongful dismissal, or a current employee of the company files a sexual harassment action against the firm.

Having an HR consultant from outside working alongside an attorney preserves workplace integrity by giving the company advice on how to handle the issue professionally without reputation damaging results.  HR consultants can mediate workplace disputes saving the company employment litigation costs. Workplace laws can be complicated for entrepreneurs, and HR consultants can be called upon to develop proactive workplace laws that guarantee employee satisfaction. When done professionally, such laws drastically reduce the future risk of liability. Having HR consultants handling the employee relations frees up the business owner to attend to the other crucial aspects of the business.

4.  Controlling Opportunity Costs

For companies that do not have a dedicated human resource manager, other staff members will have to perform the task in a stand-in role. By inheriting HR duties, the other managers have to sacrifice the time they’d have spent doing their primary jobs in their areas of specialization doing human resources work. Staff recruitment responsibilities can be challenging and time-consuming, and offloading these duties to a qualified and experienced consultant allows staff members to focus on their job in their areas of professional expertise.

About Happy H.R.

Narobi Melendez is CEO and HR Consultant at Happy H.R., which is a professional Human Resource consulting firm that helps businesses and educational institutions in NYC optimize employee performance, streamline processes and boost the bottom line, by providing a modern, integrated Human Resources solution.  Through expert HR advisory, technology and management support, Happy H.R. takes a strategic, yet personal approach towards employee relations, HR compliance, as well as employee benefits and administration to help companies thrive by improving the overall wellness of an organization.

Author: Narobi Melendez

Narobi Melendez Headshot

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